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it spins freely but it won't tighten or loosen. Keeping Everything Straight.



. . that's if you don't have the.

The car came with updated knuckles for the 96 brake conversion.

Feb 6, 2008 Front Thrust arm ball joint side (22mm) 80 NM (59 ft lb) Steering knuckle pinch bolt (16mm bolt, 18mm nut) 81NM (60 ft lb) Sway bar brackets (13mm nut) 24Nm (18 ft-lb). Tighten the lower ball joint nut and insert the cotter pin. so the last time i was swapping a knuckle and no pickle fork, i unbolted the sway bar link, removed the castle nut on the ball joint and threaded on a lug nut, an old one to protect the threads leaving it a little.

. I hammered the top of the pin down and the bolt slid out.


Drilled out the dust shield bolt with a DeWalt 14 titanium bit and tapped with 516 - 18 tap.

Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. Dave&39;s insider tips will help you line up the steering knuckle on the ball joint.

The top should look like a crown, or castle, at the bottom. Buy BALL JOINT PINCH BOLT - ATM 1013492 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores.

The hole is threaded.
Swing the spindle so you have the best access to the lower ball joint nut.

Quantity 1 per Pack.

You MUST use the higher grade there.

Demjor19. . A control arm and ball joint assembly contains a control arm, ball joint, and bushings and are essential components for suspension and steering.

Aug 8, 2014 Once it starts, do a little at a time. Oct 1, 2017 Discussion Starter 3 Oct 1, 2017. It probably doesn&39;t matter whether it&39;s a torx or standard hex head as long as you get at least a grade 8 (better yet, 10. Insert the grease fittings now before you forget. I think im also going to heat up that end of the knuckle (the thread side) with a propane torch and get it hot.

Im afraid to snap it off.

. so if anyone knows what size they are off hand id appreciate it.


The pinch bolt rests in this.



Just hit it right where it goes up against the knuckle and it will eventually come out.