Every time I clear the cache and load the page it load completely wrong but after one or two refreshes it loads fine and then continues to load fine until I close and reopen the browser or clear the cache.

Step 2 Diagnose the cause.

I'd look through your extensions list (past chromeextensions into the address bar) to see if anything suspect is there or if anything that could affect page load or page display has. 2.

Here&39;s how to update Chrome Open a Chrome window and select the main Chrome menu.

In any case, updating Chrome is a very effective way to fix the problem of the site not opening in Chrome.

Then Advanced > System. . Under About Chrome, check for any available updates.

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2. . Restart Chrome and attempt to load your webpage again.

. 2.

There are also new user flairs to add your main browser next to your username.

Clear search.

Go to Progam and Features or Apps in Windows 1011, find and double click to Uninstall it. .

Chrome will ask if you want to go to the site you usually visit. I didn&39;t see it anywhere else so I want to post here as well (even if its an old topic) so others can find it.

So if Chrome is out of date, this could be the reason you can't load webpages.


Identify processes with high CPU usage.

-> The first time, you'll not see the scrollbar -> Click again, and you'll see it now (and you'll see it all the time from now) I have this problem only with google chrome. 3) Select More tools, and then select Extensions. This help content & information General Help Center experience.

Click Ignore to continue to the link you opened. Under About Chrome, check for any available updates. Make sure your internet connection is working normally. This help content & information General Help Center experience. Use Standard Protection (For Android) Safe Browsing is an essential feature that is designed to protect you against harmful.

com, the first time you load the site everything seems fine, but as soon as you load a category, let's say.

Then, reinstall Chrome. Jan 12, 2022 1.

Go to networks tab and check the box "Disable cache".


Clear search.


Based on the testing I have done, there is appears to be a 302 redirect loop happening when using curl to debug the siteURL.