A 2011 review concluded that correct saddle height (using the knee flexion angle method (25-30)) reduced the risk of knee injuries and minimised oxygen uptake.

Its a bit more precise because the way you put your feet on the pedals is taken into account.

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In addition, equations for saddle height calculations for male cyclists (Ferrer-Roca et al.

Bicycle-fit for knee health focuses on setting saddle height to elicit a minimum knee flexion angle of 25-40.

Saddle too low vs too high. . Jan 26, 2021 To set your saddle height, position yourself on the bike, unclip and position the crank in line with the seat tube.

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Knee angle 35 - 40 degrees Based on the body dimension, leg length, femur length, footlength, the range would be (depending on absolute leglength) 2 to 3. A rider who has a toe-down style can reach a longer saddle height, without altering their knee angle, than a rider who pedals heels down. 5cm in.

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Apr 23, 2018 So one racer might be best suited with a 42 knee extension angle and another at 34.

Results The equation to predict saddle position from minimum knee flexion angle (R 2 0.

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of saddle height on cycling performance by comparing difference in anaerobic power between a saddle height set using a 25 knee angle, a 35 knee angle and 109 of inseam in highly trained cyclists. .

. First you need to find the seatpost clamp on the frame.

The handlebar position was also adjusted to maintain 90 between the trunk and thigh for each condition measured via a handheld goniometer.
For the knee angle, Nordeen Snyder (1977) described up to 16&176; (36) of changes in the knee flexion angle when the crank is the bottom dead centre for HIGH saddle height compared to the REF.
Jan 24, 2013 A 1 cm saddle height change results in about a 0.

2 was significantly lower at a saddle height set using 25 knee angle compared with 35 knee angle or 109 of inseam leg length Nordeen Snyder16 Percentage of trochanteric length.

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Pedaling style can make a difference to saddle height. . . To solve these discrepancies, we applied a multiple linear regression to study the relationship between anthropometrics, pedaling angles, and saddle height. Jun 1, 2016 Then, the height of the bicycle saddle for each subject was adjusted so that when the pedal was at the lowest point, the knee flexion angle was 25 degrees (19). Among them, the Ferrer-Roca method advises a knee angle between 30 and 40 in the sagittal plane when the crank arm is aligned with the seat tube while pedalling.


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Saddle too low vs too high.

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But in regards to other bikes, our road position will usually be the bike setup where we have the most knee extension.

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In contrast, High saddle height reduced both knee moments and time duration.